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Washing Machine Repair in Metro Denver

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If you are a busy person or have a family, you dread going a day without the ability to do laundry.  Sometimes the option of going to a laundromat or a friend’s house with your baskets of laundry and handfuls of hangers makes no sense.  You need a washing machine that works!    

Sometimes the decision to replace the washing machine is easy to make, but if it is part of a matching set, you may not want to part with it.  Sometimes you want to know your options.  Call us.  We will diagnose what is wrong with it and tell you what it will cost to get it washing again.  It may make sense to get it repaired. 

You should be certain.

Before you call about having your washing machine repaired, it is helpful if you can check the following:

  • What brand is it? (e.g., Whirlpool, GE, Kenmore)
  • Try to locate the model and serial number tag.
  • Does it fill as usual? Overfill?  Fill only part way?
  • Are both the hot and cold faucets turned on?
  • Does it agitate but not spin?  Spin but not agitate? Does it spin enough?
  • Will it drain?
  • Will it advance through the cycles?  If not, where does it stop?
  • Can you advance it manually?
  • Are there any error codes?
  • Is it making any unusual noises?
washing machine repair denver