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Refrigerator Repair Denver

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When your refrigerator, freezer, or icemaker stop working properly, you really need to either get it repaired or replaced. Unlike some appliances, no one can go long without a way to keep their food properly cooled. Sometimes it is obvious, but since refrigerators can be a major purchase, you may want to know if you have an option.

You should be certain.

Before you call to schedule your refrigerator repair, it is helpful if you can check the following:

  • What brand is it? (e.g., Whirlpool, GE, Frigidaire)
  • Is it a side-by-side model? If not, is the freezer on the top or the bottom?
  • Do you hear any fans running?
  • What other noises do you hear? And how often do you hear them?
  • Are the lights on but nothing else is happening?
  • Is there any frost built up anywhere in the freezer?
  • Is the freezer section working, but the refrigerator is not?
  • Is the freezer section cooling somewhat, but not keeping food frozen or not making ice?
  • Is there water pooling or leaking?
  • If it has one, is the water dispenser working properly?

Call us. We will diagnose what is wrong with it and tell you what it will cost to get it up and running. It may make financial sense to get it repaired.

refrigerator repair denver