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Why Should You Choose Certainty Appliance Repair?

You may not have had an appliance break for a while, and aren’t sure which company you should work with or what to expect. Or, you have had a bad experience with another service provider, and you know you don’t want to repeat that. Read on to see what calling Certainty Appliance Repair will mean for you.

What to Expect

When you call, you can either schedule a service call right away, or we can put you in touch with a tech to discuss your appliance’s problem and possible solutions. If you would prefer, you can email a description of the problem to us at CertaintyAppliance@ymail.com. In some situations, if you can supply the brand, model and serial number for your appliance, we can provide a free quote for likely repair costs, based on your description of the problem.

Need a Service Call?

If it looks like the next step is to schedule a service call to diagnose the problem, we will work with you to find a time that fits your schedule. For service calls Monday through Friday, we offer one-hour appointment windows throughout the day, between 9:00 and 5:00. You can pay by major credit card or personal check, or of course, cash.

Be Certain About What You’ll Pay

We do charge to diagnose what is wrong with your appliance and choose to be very upfront about it. Once the problem has been identified, the tech will tell you what the price would be if you want to repair the appliance, including parts and labor, and that price will include our diagnostic fee.

Make an Informed Decision

You will have full information to help you make an informed decision. If you decide not to have the appliance repaired, or need to think about it, our written price estimate is good for seven days. In that case, the diagnostic service call charge is all you owe at the time of service.