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Why Should You Choose Certainty Appliance Repair?

Your company manages properties in Metro Denver and we offer appliance repair services in Metro Denver, so maybe we should talk. Just as you bring your own brand of service to bear on property management, we bring a different energy to our approach our partnership with property managers. Our objective is to build relationships with professionals like you so that you can depend on us to contact tenants in a timely manner, follow through on our commitments, and work as an extension of your team. We remove headaches, not add to them. We are also an affiliate member of NARPM.

Be Certain About What You’ll Pay

We do charge to diagnose what is wrong with the appliance or appliances you ask us to look at. Once the problem has been identified, the tech will tell you what the cost will be if you want to repair the appliance, including the prices for parts and labor. If it is a dishwasher or microwave, and you would prefer to replace the appliance, we can assist in procurement and installation of a new appliance and disposal of the old appliance.


We work within your guidelines regarding repairs. If you want us to contact you each and every time to tell you the price and get your approval, we will. If you’d prefer we handle repairs under a certain dollar amount, we will. If you want an email or phone call to let you know what time we have an appointment scheduled for, just let us know. We know you have to work within parameters established by your clients, and we work to support you in that effort.

After the Repair

We have found that many property managers (and the owners) appreciate what we do after the repair. Starting with the invoice, we provide complete information about the repair, we can send invoices via email or regular mail, or if you prefer, we can charge the repairs to a credit card then send you the invoice for your records. In addition, we maintain a database of each repair we have completed for you by address, and retain model and serial numbers of each appliance we work on.

Make an Informed Decision

You will have full information to help you or the property owner make an informed decision. If you need to touch base with the owner, our written price estimate is good for seven days, and we will keep the invoice open, charging you for the diagnostic service call if the owner decides not to repair after seven days.