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Cooktop Repair in Metro Denver

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If the power goes out in your neighborhood, you lose the ability to cook food, and have to turn to cereal bars and chips to tide you over until the power comes back on.  But if you can’t cook your food because the cooktop doesn’t work at all or has burners that don’t work properly, you need to take action.   

Cooktops can be major purchases, and replacing them can be not only expensive, but disruptive compared to repairing.  Call us.  We will diagnose what is wrong with it and tell you what it will cost to get it up and running.  It may make more sense to get it repaired. 

You should be certain.

Before you call to have your cooktop repaired, it is helpful if you can tell us the following:

  • What brand is it? (e.g., Whirlpool, GE, Frigidaire)
  • Try to locate the model and serial numbers tag (often underneath the cooktop)
  • If it has an electric display, does it still work?
  • Do the burners turn bright red when heating? 
  • Do the burners heat hotter than the setting would suggest?
  • Do the indicator lights on the cooktop come on, but the burners do not heat?
  • If you smell gas and have not recently been using it, call your gas provider immediately.
  • Do you hear a clicking noise?
  • Are the flames smaller than they used to be?
Cooktop Repair Denver