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Some people can hang their clothes out to dry on a clothes line, but most of us cannot, so having a properly working dryer is critical.  If your dryer stops working entirely, and you don’t want to hang clothes around your house to dry, you have a problem.  If it runs, but takes ages to dry your clothes, that can be a very frustrating waste of time, electricity, and money. 

The good news is that most things that cause a dryer to dry poorly can be repaired, but sometimes not.  The decision to replace may be complicated if it’s part of a matching set.  Bottom line, sometimes you want to know if you have an option.  Call us.  We will diagnose what is wrong with it and tell you what it will cost to get it to dry properly.  It may make sense to get it repaired. 

You should be certain.

Before you call to schedule your dryer repair, it is helpful if you can check the following:

  • What brand is it? (e.g., Kenmore, Maytag, Frigidaire)
  • Try to locate the model and serial number tag.
  • Is the dryer heating at all?
  • Is it making squealing or grinding noises?
  • Is the drum turning?
  • Does it take longer to dry your clothes than usual?
  • Does it work better on some settings than others?
  • Is the lint filter in the front of the unit near the door or is it pull out from the top?
  • Do you regularly clean the lint filter?
  • Do you smell anything unusual?
  • Do you find scorch marks on your laundry?
denver dryer repair